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Utium Technology Pvt Ltd provides turnkey business solutions for Information Management by stream lining organizational systems & processes. The primary focus is to combine the Document Imaging & Management, Workflow and Content Management solutions along with Business Intelligence tools and related services to be enable the provision of enterprise wide Information Management.

Document Management Solution | DMS

In our efforts to provide these business solutions to our clients, we use a combination of business activities ranging from professional consulting services and concept creation. Once the client is educated with the concepts we in conjunction with the client help design and implementation the necessary Document/Content Management System solutions for the client. As part of our turnkey solutions, we also provide various conversion services to the client as we realize that identifying and implementing the software is only a part of the overall solution. The client will cannot realize the benefits of the installed software until the documents and other information are not converted and compatible with this new Knowledge base.

Document and Content Management Solutions help enterprises that rely on the efficiency of knowledge workers to make rapid, well-informed decisions to do exactly that. The Return on Investment (ROI) touches staggering levels and the Payback Periods are highly attractive. Some of the immediate key benefits are:

- Prevents lost records
- Saves storage space & manages records easily
- Finds documents quickly and thus helps creates Best Efficiency amongst workforce
- Automates approval process to improve service levels
- Makes images/information centrally available
- Creates Knowledge Base within an organization
- Enterprise-wide "lean" business initiatives
- Provides controlled access to confidential information
- Eliminates need for file cabinets
- Comprehensive security
- Share files easily
- Enabling customers and partners with "Self-Service" access to digital documents
- Consolidating records from disparate systems (through mergers and acquisitions, across corporate divisions, etc.)
- Legal or regulatory compliance requirements
- Standards compliance (ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA others)
- Prevents duplication
- Allows for easy dissemination of information
- Provides disaster recovery

The above list is indicative of how Utium Technology can help your organization. Obviously, as easy way would be to take a look at what we have to offer. A variety of organizations from different industry verticals and government sectors did see what we have to offer and are now very satisfied owners of our solutions and recipients of our services.

Benefits Of Document Management System

- Reduces dependency of Management on office staff to retrieve archived information
- Allows share of documents within an organization while protecting confidential information
- Allow office staff to e-mail or fax files with the click of a mouse
- Provide an easy way to share documents with remote offices or take them on the road
- Conforms to the way an organization works, rather than forcing you to change
- Makes images centrally available
- Finds documents quickly
- Eliminates need for file cabinets
- Comprehensive security
- Share information easily
- Search- Folder, Document, Content, Metadata, Keywords, Notes, Date range
- Retrieval- LAN, WAN, Internet