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Utium Technology Pvt Ltd provides Document Imaging Solutions that allow your organization to reduce expenses on paper and physical storage, improve overall information management, and realize a higher level of productivity and customer service. Digitization - Your First Step in Going Paperless. We can convert your paper into digital documents, easing information retrieval and freeing up your valuable workspace by archiving your paper files to CD, office servers or the Internet. Not only will you avoid searching through filing cabinets or stacks of folders, you will be able to conduct key word searches to bring the needed information to your fingertips.

Document Scanning | Digitization

Our team has the flexibility and expertise to create custom solutions, assemble hardware, software, and custom programming to meet your unique and specific document imaging needs. Utium Technology offers the best of computer hardware, software and technical support through our highly competent technical staff and strategic alliances with hardware, software and telecommunication partners. Our team can provide your organization with a custom document imaging solution that will accomplish all of your digital document storage, retrieval and disaster recovery requirements.

We utilize the latest technology in high-speed document scanners. Scanning is done with Flatbed and ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanners and using CCD technology. We use the best makes of production scanners for our digitization services. Our scanners range from medium to high-speed production type scanners e.g., SNBC, Fujitsu, Kodak, Avision etc. During the process, an experienced scanner technician interactively monitors and adjusts the scanning parameters for the best possible image capture results. The images will be stored as multi- page TIFF/PDF/JPEG or any other image as requested by the client. All documents are indexed to associate them with relevant information for quick and efficient retrieval using our proprietary retrieval software.

Utium Technology provides document image scanning services in efforts to drive your company towards a "paper-less office". Your organization's documents are scanned by high-speed scanners for easy access on any pc or digital media. Our company provides high volume scanning capacity allowing as much as 200,000 scanned pages daily. Within our service offering, our team takes your documents, prepars them for scanning, scans them, and then indexes the document images per your company's specifications and needs.  

On-Site Scanning Solution

Utium Technology can deploy our operations to your company location. Our on-Site document imaging solution is a convenient way for your company to satisfy your document imaging needs - without the costs related to shipping your company's documents to our facilities.

A team of Utium Document Imaging specialists will travel to your secure site, set-up our document imaging equipment and then scan your documents in a timely manner.

Off-Site Scanning Solutions

Utium Technology provides a turnkey solution (Document Preparation, Scanning, Indexing, Storage and Retrieval) for organizations seeking an off-site document imaging provider.

Once we receive your company's document in our premises, our team maintains strict accountability as we begin the document conversion process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by team members. After data documents are prepared, our operators will customize a process that uniquely fits your company's requirements for data conversion. All files are accurately and efficiently converted into electronic information.

Converted data files are then indexed by our team members to facilitate future retrieval of converted documents. Upon completion of the conversion and indexing processes, your company files are then output to your company's specified delivery media.

Utium Technology completes the data conversion process by returning your company's source documents along with the converted electronic data. Our team can then provide data storage solutions that will alleviate company costs of maintaining and storing original source files. We offer your company the opportunity to fully digitize data documents without the overhead costs of hardware, software, time and labor while putting tasks in the hands of document imaging industry professionals.